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It’s Your Turn


OMG : One Minute Games is a segmentwhere participants would be given a certain task(s) to complete in a minute, or may be asked to compete with other participates to do that… Winner would be awarded with sponsored gifts from our advertisers and a participation certificate on spot.


WAH: In this segment, viewer would send the videos to™  from the spot, where they would be witnessing something annoying, disturbing, interesting or unusual. It may be anything from an accident to a kind act to a natural phenomenon to a street fight… Video would be appeared on™ with the name of sender and the place where it was shot. 

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GAG: Guess and Get is an interesting challenge in which the random participants from public would guess about the given question… not only this would help them to explore their sixth sense but also will provide them a bunch of information. Every right guessing would be awarded fairly.


WOM: Winner Of Month, This is an open invitation to all individuals to send their videos to compete for the title   as well as an attractive cash prize.  Just shoot a video from your smart phone and send it to™ , you’d get a link of your video, posted on™  and then you’d have to share this link with all your social network with a request you to like it. Who will get maximum likes, would be declared Winner Of Month.